Treks Huaraz Huayhuash 12 days

12 days / 11 Nights

An adventure in the Cordillera Huayhuash, twelve days of charm in Huaraz, enjoy your ravines and places like Viconga, Huanacpatay, Auquimarca, Cashpapampa and Lake Jahuacocha and more

Day 1: Huaraz - Chiquián - Matacancha (4,200 m.)

It starts with a bus to reach the highest point of the Conococha road (4,100 m.), where a part of the snow of this spectacular mountain range can be seen to take the detour on the road to the Antamina mine, which takes the city Huallanca (3,450 m.), 3 ½ to 4 hours. Continuing the climb up the hill past the broken Yuraqcocha of Cuncuah (4,700 m.) To descend to the field Matacancha, 2-2 ½ hrs.

DAY 2: Day of acclimation Sambunya Collado (4,800 mts.)

Continuing along the path of the North West side by a small stream and then climb slowly up the hill and see part of the magnitude of the Cordillera Huayhuash, 7 hours.

DAY 3: Matacancha - Cacananpunta (4,700 m.) - Mitucocha (4,300 m.)

Bella step, easy to move to the west side of the Cordillera de Huayhuash point where the waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic divide Col. Descent overlooking the lagoon Pucachocha, then Caliente creek to trace the direction of the lagoon Mitucocha camp, five hours.

DAY 4: Mitucocha - Step Carhuac (4,650 m.) - Carhuacocha (4,138 m.).

Nice stage 5 hours for glaze road at the foot of snow Jirishanca then a big drop reach the lagoon Carhuacocha, camp on the banks of the lagoon.

DAY 5: Carhuacocha - Collado Butcher (4,600 m.) - Huayhuash (4,350 m.)

Step that can take the normal path 6 hours, easy and good show. The optional variant is broken at the foot of Mount Siulá and Butcher to stay at Cold of 4,800 m. more difficult than the first. Camp. 6 hours of road.

DAY 6: Huayhuash - Collado Portachuelo (4,750 m.) - Laguna Viconga (4,407 m.)

Short period of 3-4 hours, passing by the pass of Portachuelo easy one hour and a half, where the waters are divided again into the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.Then we reach the lagoon Viconga 4,400 m. Camp at the foot of the lake, after making the field can go to cool off with a dip in the hot springs that is half an hour of the field.

DAY 7: Viconga - Collado Cuyoc (5,000 m.) - Huanacpatay (Yanapampa 4,350 m.)

It goes back towards the Collado Cuyoc (5,000 m.) will be the first 5,000 m. our trekking where we will have the best views of the Huayhuash and Raura ranges.One hour from Collado is Yanapampa camp in the gorge of Huanacpatay 4,500 m. 5 hours.

DAY 8: Huanacpatay - Auquimarca (3,600 m.) - Huayllapa

Moderate decrease up to the ranch Auquimarca, cheese Auquimarca center, Camp 5 hrs.

DAY 9: Huayllapa - Collado de Tapush (4,800 m.) - Cashpapampa (4,500 m.)

Again it goes back up to the step where the snowy Tapush Diablo Mudo and other snowy seen
part of the mountain range. Then it descends through the Laguna Susucocha to reach the field Cashpapampa. 6 hrs.
DAY 10: Cashpapampa - Jahuacocha Lagoon (4,050 m.)
Top walk through a good slope to climb the 4,300 m. Yaucha hill (4,800 m.). From where you can see with a little luck the majestic flight of the Condors.Arrive at Jahuacocha lagoon. 6 h. on the way.
DAY 11: Jahuacocha - Llamac

Continuing through the Sendera and descent to the pass of Pampallamac (4,300 m.), To observe last time this beautiful snowy Cordillera, then the village of Llamac, Camp 6 hours.
DAY 12: Llamac - Chiquián - Huaraz

The return is a bus coming first Chiquián City and then to Huaraz city.
End of our services
Location: Chiquián
Access: Llamac
Distance: 160 km
Days: 12
Difficulty: Difficult.


  • Trekking Guide
  • Cook (Assistant from 8 Pax)
  • Sponge Mattresses (Only Trekking)
  • two-person tent
  • Tent Kitchen and Dining
  • Tables, chairs and utensil of kitchen
  • Complete and Varied Feeding.
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Private transport to Start and pick up the Trek
  • Entrance to the Huascaran National Park

  • Porters High Mountain
  • Sleeping bags
  • Inflatable mattresses
  • Lodging and Meals in Restaurants in the Cities
  • Accident Insurance, Robberies, Lost and of Rescue

  • Sleeping bag, warm clothes, backpack, repellent.
  • Walking shoe, hat, sun block protector.

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